Weekend trip to the beach

Has anyone in NYC been to Long Beach?  It’s so close from the city (only 40 min train ride away) and totally relaxing for a quick and cheap trip away from home.  I enjoyed… Continue reading

Life as a Female in 4 min

Sidewalk from Celia Bullwinkel on Vimeo. “Sidewalk” by Celia Bullwinkel portrays the life as a female so powerfully in just 4 minutes.  I think this video shows the sad truth of how females are portrayed in… Continue reading

Much needed vacation

My husband and I decided to take the train to the beach.  It’s amazing how good it is to leave the city once in a while and to see a whole new world… Continue reading

Michelin Guide to dine in NYC under $40

I stumbled across this article today and I am super excited to tryout some restaurants on this list!  Michelin releases their annual list of “Bib Gourmands” that are among the best and affordable restaurants in… Continue reading

De-stressing through Pilates

Whenever I’m stressed I love to just take my mind off of and and venture into the world of Pilates.  I’ve tried various exercises from running, yoga, to personal training but to me there’s… Continue reading

Cosmetics Comparison: Gel eyeliner by MAC vs. Bobbi Brown

  I’ve used MAC cosmetics Gel Eyeliners for two years and after reading several good reviews (and seeing nice advertisements at the Duty-Free stores) I decided to venture out and try one by… Continue reading

Farewell & Dining outside in NYC

Ever since we adopted Coco my husband has been very sick for over a month.  After my husband’s numerous visits to the emergency doctor appointments and after much thought, we decided that it… Continue reading

Fantasy of getting a Massage by a (male) Masseur

After a long week of working crazy hours, my husband and I went to Taiji Body Work for our much needed couples massage.  I don’t get massages very often but I LOVE getting massages after… Continue reading

Yoga in Bryant Park

Yesterday I met up with a friend by Bryant Park and saw hundreds of people doing yoga in the middle of Bryant Park! (more about Yoga in Bryant Park here) How cool is… Continue reading

Focusing on things you CAN control

My friend Heather send me this amazing video yesterday and it had me really thinking.  I am a total girl and I tend to get stressed over the littlest things.  But Ramit Sethi, an… Continue reading